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Opportunity Exchange Cooperation and Development Interpretation of the Four Keywords in the 9th CPE (2007/11/13)
The 9th CPE Concluded Satisfactorily (2007/11/10)
Ningbo Dong Ao Electrics Won Great CPE Business Opportunities (2007/11/10)
Ubiquitous and Endless Innovations——CPE in the Eyes of Citizens (2007/11/10)
Video of Opening Ceremony for the 9th CPE
· China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association
· Petro China Company Limited
· Sinopec Oil Products Company
· Sinochem Corporation
· China National Light Industry Council
· Yuyao Government

[Material Exhibitor's Co.]
No. 2 Exhibition Hall Raw Material Exhibition Hall
· Yuyao Wanshuo Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Weining Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
· Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Xiamen Xiangyu Group Corperation
· Shanghai Runpeng Commodity Trade Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Xinxin Information Consultation Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao New Huili Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Jingliang Science Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
· Yuyao Lidong Material Exploitation Company
· Yuyao Zhenfeng Plastics Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Guanghui Nylon Center
· Exite (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Zetian Engineering Plastics Plant
· Shouguang Weidong Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Shanghai Runpeng Trade Co., Ltd.
· YuyaoTayu Import and Export Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Yinzhou Chenglei Trade Co., Ltd.
· Plastic Additives Journal Press
· Ningbo Nengzhiguang New Material Science and
  Technology Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Canpoly Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
· China Paints Journal Press
· Shanghai Zhongzhen
· Cixi Shengda Plastics & Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Ruida Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
· Weifang Brother Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Guoshuai Trade Co., Ltd.
· Zhejiang Juner New Material Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Zhengbang Nylon Co., Ltd.
· Yantai Yucheng Plastics & Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
· Kechuang Polymer(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo E&T Development Zone Falaixin Plastifying
  Co. , Ltd.
· Suzhou Xingtai Guoguang Chemical Additives Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Jianyu Plastic Raw Material Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Gaoke Modified Plastics & Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Dazheng Plastics Center
· Yuyao Shunda Plastics & Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Xindongyuan Plastic and Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Cixi Huatong Plastics & Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Qiming New Plastic Technology Development
   Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Kaikuang Trade Co., Ltd.
· Heshan Chemical (Huzhou) Co., Ltd.
· Cixi Hongbang Plastic& Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Yubang Plastic& Chemical company
· Ningbo Sanhui Import and Export Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Yinzhou Bote Polymer New Material Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Zhongfa Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
· Formosa Chemical& Fiber Corporation
· Formosa Plastics Corporation
· Takaroku Corporation
· Tianmeng Agricultural Material Chain Co., Ltd.
· Zhejiang New GreatWall Import& Export Co., Ltd.
· Easun Industrial& Trade Co., Ltd.
· Guangdong Plastics Exchange Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Credit Online Network Technology Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Polymax Elastomer Technology Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Aidiya Macromolecule Technology Co., Ltd.
· Shanghai Jinfei Petroleum& Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
· Chi Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao China Plastics City Plastic Research Institution
· Zhejiang China Plastics Online Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Feima South China Plastics City Investment
  Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Jinpu Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd
· Shanghai Chemicals Trading Market Operating Management Co., Ltd
· Shanghai Bluestar Chemical New Material Factory
· Jiangxi Guangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd
· Shaoxing Golden Originality Plasticizing Electrical
  Appliance Co., Ltd

[Mould Exhibitor's Co.]
No. 3 Exhibition Hall Mold Exhibition Hall
· Leqing Polaris Electric Instrument Plant
· Yuyao Yijing Electronics Co., Ltd.
· Zhejiang Chenlong Sawing Machine Group Co. Ltd.
· Yuyao Shuangqiao Mold Material Co., Ltd.
· Suzhou Gangye Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Shuangcheng Shelf Equipment Plant
· Xinjiyuan Precision Mold Accessory Co., Ltd.
· Guangdong Jinfuli Numerical Control Machinery
  Co., Ltd.
· Nantong Sunyo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Advance Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao City Measuring Instrument Management
· Yiquan Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Hongda Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Zhongyuan Machine Co., Ltd.
· Hongda Machine Tool Group
· Ningbo Minghe Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Jetflow Hot Runner System Company
· Xingfa Hydro-Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.
· Guangzhou Ju Ren Heavy Rorging Press Machine
  Tool Factory Co., Ltd.
· Zhengzhou Rijia Electric Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Zhongzhou Hydraulic Pressure Component
· Easson Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Yongyin Electronic Co.Ltd.
· Beijing Jingdiao Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Lianhua Machinery Electronic Equipment
  Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Mingri Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Guangdong Jiangmen Automation Co., Ltd.
· Agie Charmilles Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
· Dazhong Machine Tool Group
· Nanjing Sikai Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.
· Zhejiang Nanyang Metrology Apparatus Co., Ltd.
  Ningbo Branch
· New Era Precision Mold Fittings Co., Ltd
· Ninghai Kaisheng NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd
· Shengzhen Xinyi NC Cutting Tool Co., Ltd

[Machinery Exhibitor's Co.]
No. 4 Exhibition Hall Machinery Exhibition Hall
· Yuyao Daai Machinery Plant
· Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Rixin Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Xiaoai Plastic Machinery Sales Center
· 3DFAMILY Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  Ningbo Office
· Ningbo jiangbei Sxprinter Management Department
· Ningbo Rongshun Instrument Factory
· Nanjing Giant Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo E&T Development Zone Xinyue Instrument
  Technique Co. , Ltd.
· China Certification& Inspection Group NingBo Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Hengboshan Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  Ningbo Office
· EAM Formosa Qiba Air Compressor (Yuyao)
· Yuyao Haiguang Mould& Hardware Co., Ltd.
· Fenghua Sinda Brand Air-Conditional Equipment
· Ringier Trade Publishing Co.,Ltd.
· Taiwan Libo Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.
· Wenzhou Jiwei Inkjet Mechanic Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Wuxi Baoling Posts and Telecommunication Equipment
· Yuyao Sevenocean Photoelectricity Co., Ltd.
· Leqing Jianke Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Zhongxin Mechanic Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Lijin Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Nanjing Lixun Rubber Machinery Accessory Plant
· Kangfa Rubber-Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.
· Zhenjiang Hydraulic Components Manufacturing
  Co., Ltd.
· Jufeng Plastic Purchasing Guide
· Yuyao Wutian Machinery Equipment Plant
  (Shunjiang Food & Oil Machinery)
· Chengde Precision Testing Machine Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Jiexing Compressor Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Pengyou Supermarket Shelf Factory
· Yuyao Jingri Plastics Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Welllih Precision Machinery CO., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Cixi Xinsiwei Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
· Bazhou Machinery (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
· Dingli Metal Products Factory of Yinzhou District,
  Ningbo City
· Nanjing Guangda Rubber & Plastic Machinery Plant
· Yuyao City Huacheng Hydraulic Mechanical & Electrical
  Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Dazhong Plastic Machinery Sales Center
· Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
· Coperion Keya (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Zhongxin Mechanic Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Guangzhou Chen Gao Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Hairisen Hydraulic Pressure Equipment
  Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

No. 5 Exhibition Hall Machinery Exhibition Hall
· Dongguan Tongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang Huaming Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Hua Shen Sandblast Machine Factory
· Nian Chin Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Changzhou Jingdiao Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd
· Xinshun Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haishun Numerical Control Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Hangzhou Shengyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
· Cixi Songrui Ultrasonic Machinery Plant
· Changzhou Wujin Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yinjiang Ouli Metal Shelf Factory, Ningbo Yinzhou
· Ningbo Hengli Numerical Control Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Yulong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Kunshan Dongfeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
· International Plastic
· Shandong Tongjia Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Sanheng Plastic Color Priting Plant
· Yuyao Tianci Plastic Machinery Factory
· Fusheng Hardware Machinery Company
· Yuyao Tongsheng Refrigeration Equipment Plant
· Chutian Laser Yuyao Office
· Ningbo Dongfang Knitting Machinery Plant
· Ningbo Tianyi Machinery Co.,LTD
· Taiwan Shujye Ultrasonic Machine Co., Ltd
  Company in Ningbo
· Kunshan Bishan Ultrasonic Machine Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Lvdao Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Chende Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Foshan Shunde Leshan Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Fengtie Machinery(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haibo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Xinrui Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haijing Injection Machinery Manufacture
  Co., Ltd.
· Haierpo (Yuyao) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haixiong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Hengda Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Hangzhou Tayu Machinery Co., Ltd.
· <<Asia Industry News>> <<Asia plastics information>>
· Ningbo Yinzhou Yinjiang Wurun Mechanical Gadget
· Yuyao Tiandu Machine Tool Co.Ltd
· Xinshunkang High-speed Machine Tool Co.Ltd
· Suzhou Yonggang Precision Measuring Instrument
  Co.Ltd, Yuyao Branch
· Ningbo Beilun Hongchen Industry and Trade Co.Ltd
· Foshan Casda Industrial Equipment Co.Ltd
· Chengde Cots Science Detecting Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Shunhui Mould Material Co., Ltd.
· Hangzhou Shendiao CNC Technoligy Co.,Ltd.
· Ningbo Tianrui Fine Working Machinery Co., Ltd.
· HC Group
· Shenzhen Yongjia Information Consultation Co., Ltd
· Beijing Zhongqing Asian-Pacific Plastics Technology
  Co., Ltd
· Foshan Lanson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

No. 6 Exhibition Hall Machinery Exhibition Hall
· Ningbo Haitian Plastic Injection Machinery Group Ltd.
· Alpha (Suzhou) Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
· Ningbo Qiming
· Yuyao Fangyu Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd.
· Taiwan Dongyuan Ultrasonic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
· Xinshun Ultrasonic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
· Wenzhou Jinyan Researches Themal Transfer Printing
· Ruian City Feiyue Plastic Cement Extruded Co.,Ltd.
· Nanjing Zhineng Rubber&Plastic Machine Co.,Ltd.
· Ningbo Daxie Shini Electric Heater Co.,Ltd.
· Guangzhou BORCH Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Shanghai Matsui Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Hongkong Ever Bright (Holdings) Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang Fengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Hangzhou Atech Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Kangfa Rubber-Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.
· Formosa Donghe Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch
· Liuzhou Jing Ye Machinery Co.,Ltd.
· Zhejiang province zhoushan City lichao plastics
  machine the limited company
· Gotech Testing Machines Inc.
· Kingswel Machinery Group
· Ningbo Ara Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Tongyi Plastic Machinery Manufacture
  Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Tianhao Plastic Machinery Company
· Suzhou Guangbo Trade Co., Ltd.
· Shantou Hetian Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haishu Jiande Precision Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
· Han's Laser Technology Co. Ltd.
· Hangzhou Shengyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
· Zhoushan Taiyide Plastic Machine Manufacturing
  Co., Ltd.
· 《China Plastics Information》

No. 7 Exhibition Hall Machinery Exhibition Hall
· Shanghai Beiruiyang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
· Tanwan Beimingyang International Co., Ltd
· Matchling Tooling Co., Ltd
· Ningbo Tianrui Fine Working Machinery Co., Ltd
· Connexion Technology Corporation
· 《Orient Mould 》、
· Yuyao Guomei Special Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd
· Ningbo Nai’an Industry Trading Co., Ltd
· Guancheng Dadong Plastics Factory
·Yuyao Zhenda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

No. 8 Exhibition Hall Machinery Exhibition Hall
· Guangzhou Fanyu Exchange Aerodynamic Machine
  Engineering Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Guangda Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Licai hardware Rubber Manufacturing
  Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Lijin Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
· Hitech Hydraulic Pressure Co., Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Xingxiang Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
· Ningbo Haishu Bomei Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Shunyun Bin Shelf Factory
· Suzhou Yuehai Stretching Machinery Co., Ltd,
  Ningbo Agency
· Winon Industrial Co., Ltd, Ningbo Subsidiary
· Guangzhou Wenhui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Konica Minolta (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Minghui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Suzhou Central Asia Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Shanxing Computer Co., Ltd.
· Guangzhou Synthetic Materials Research Institute/
  Chemical Industry Synthetic Materials Ageing
· Quality Supervision and Test Center
· Nanjing Saiwang Science and Technology
  Development Co., Ltd.
· Guangdong Foshan Desaige Machinery Factory
· Zhejiang Wanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Yujia NC Machiney Co., Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang Huashun Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Sanming Sanheng Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Foshan Jiacaihang Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Wenling City Yulong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Wenling City Gaobao Printing Industry Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Jiangbei Forces Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
· Cixi Fuyuda Plasticizing Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Fulitong Electronic Co., Ltd.
· Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Fengcheng Hydraulic Press Factory
· Suzhou Industrial Park Hualong Dajin Electrical Process
  Machine Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Rongxiang Electric Apparatus Cable Co., Ltd.
· Guangzhou Superfine electromechanical Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Keqiang electromechanical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
· Taizhou Yongsheng Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
· Tientsin Tiangong Weiye NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
· Editorial Board of 《Plastics Manufacture》and
  《 Mould Engineering 》
· 《South China Plastics and Rubbers》
· Ningbo Starfish Plastic Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
· Ningbo Haitai Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang Puxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Shanxing Computer Co., Ltd.
· Yuyao Guangxing Metal Co., Ltd
· Zhejiang Rui’an Ouli Machinery Co., Ltd
· Zhejiang Rui’an Xinxin Plastics Package Machinery
  Co., Ltd
· Shenyang four-dimensional Superpolymer Plastics
  Co., Ltd, Yuyao Agency
· Shanghai TCON Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd

「Deadline :November 2, 2007 」
· Register and Disposal:1rd-5th November,2007
· Starting Time:6th-9th November,2007
· Leave time:10th-13th,November,2007
· Plastic chemical materials and plastic addictives
· Plastic finished and semi-finished products
· Plastic machine and assistant equipment
· Mould and processing equipment and material of mould
· Technology seminars and technical forums
·Opening Ceremony    ·Display video    ·Hotel

Contact the Organizing Committee of CPE
Add.: 3F, Round Hall, A area, China Plastics City
Tel:0574-62534118 62534518

RMB Remittance
Beneficiary:The Organizing Committee of The 9th CPE。
Opening Bank:Bank of Ningbo Co.,Ltd Yuyao Branch
US Remittance
Intermediary Bank:Bank of American.A.New York Branch.  SWIFT code:BOFAUS3N
Accepting Bank: Bank of Ningbo Co.,Ltd Yuyao Branch
Beneficiary:The Organizing Committee of The 9th CPE.
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