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10th Results:
According to datum,the quality level of the clients attending to the 10th China Plastics Exhibition has been upgraded, whose popularity and commerce atmosphere surpassed anyone in the history.The number of the visitors reached 159,600, representing an increase of 7.98 percents compared with the last edition. There were 20,000 to 30,000 professional buyers everyday and the total volume of trade amounted to 3,598,000,000 yuan.
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Product Display
  • plastic raw material ,recycled plastics ,modified plastics
  • chemical material and plastic addictive
  • Plastic finished and semi-finished products
  • Plastic machine and auxiliary equipment
  • Mould , processing equipment and mould material
  • Science and technology lectures, technology forums
  • Video
  • Hotel

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Hotel name TEL (0574)
Ningbo Pacific Brand Hotel 62886288
Yuyao Hotel 62708888
Qiantang Humudu Hotel 62625555
Yuyao Fuda Restaurant  63150677
Yuyao Yuli Hotel 62830577
Yuyao Luban Garden Hotel 22669999
Yuyao Kailai Hotel 62832222
Yuyao Jueshi Great Hotel 62885188
Yuyao Jinhui Hotel 22666666
Yuyao Xilaideng Great Hotel 62888188
Baihong Hotel 62825000
Yuyao Sanxing Hotel 62828628
Yuyao Jinhua Hotel 62639168
Yuyao Telegraph Hotel 62882588
Yuyao General Hotel 62885278
Yuyao Fengze Garden 22667667
Yuyao Yaozhou Hotel 62831788
Yuyao Nanyuan Hotel 62703333
Yuyao Golden Coast Hotel 62823222
Yuyao Mingzhu Hotel 62830000
Yuyao Jiuchongtian Great Hotel 62887777
Yuyao Xinkaixuan Great Hotel 62642222
Yuyao Junyue Hotel 22670000
Yuyao Jinding Hotel 62830808
Yuyao Nanlei Hotel 62727156
Yuyao Jinxing Hotel 62663999
Yuyao Shuntian Hotel 62660580
Yuyao Diyuan Great Hotel 62882002
Yuyao Yingcheng Hotel 62720808
Restaurant name TEL (0574)
Ningbo Pacific Brand Hotel 62886288
Yuyao Xiangyang Yu Coast Hotel Co., Ltd. 62827777
Yuyao Shuaikang Great Hotel 62737777
Yuyao Drink Hotel 62707888
Yuyao Nanshan Restaurant 62644188
Yuyao Garden Great Hotel 62890001
Yuyao Zuizhong Garden Great Hotel 62821298
Yuyao Tiandi Yijia Great Hotel 62718111
Yuyao Jinzun Great Hotel 62715555
Yuyao Yiwei Jiayu Hotel 62634532
Yuyao Jianbiao Great Hotel 62720718
Yuyao Yao River Great Hotel 62737779
Yuyao Kaiyuan Restaurant Co., Ltd. 62817979
Yuyao Saturday Great Hotel 62812988
Yuyao Xiangla Hotel 62621717
Yuyao Fuxing Great Hotel 62511111
Yuyao Ren Golden Dragon Great Hotel 62712222
Yuyao Shengbali Coffee Restaurant 62721808
Bishengke Yuyao Branch 62629787
McDonald Restaurant Yuyao Branch 62621226
Hangzhou KFC Co., Ltd. Fuxiang Branch 62811600
Hangzhou KFC Co., Ltd. Hulian Branch 62622082
Hangzhou KFC Co., Ltd. Longshan Branch 62709434
Hangzhou KFC Co., Ltd. Huarun Branch 62633889
Yuyao Yonghe Bean Shop 66221238
Yuyao Grandmother Restaurant 22662777
Yuyao Youyi Village Foods Center -
Yuyao Dezhuang Hotel 62735777
Huangtai Hotel 62735888
Hangzhou Kaixuan Macao Yuyao Branch 22679777
Yuyao Feilong Great Hotel 22663333
Yuyao Shunjiang Hotel 62704153
Yuyao Shuxiang Chuan Foods Hotel 62709908
Yuyao Old Bridge Acid Dish Shop 62725599
Yuyao Chicken Chaffy Dish Shop 62833448
Add.: 1F, Round Hall, A area of China Plastics City(315400)
Tel: 0574-62534118    62534518
Fax: 0574-62535999
Free Call: 10101010 to call China Plastics Exhibition
Website: http://cpe.qmdlpt.com    E-mail:cpe@21cp.net
RMB Remittance
Beneficiary: The Organizing Committee of The 10th CPE.
Opening Bank: Bank of Ningbo Co.,Ltd Yuyao Branch
Account: 84010120109028206
Tel: 0574-62534118
Fax: 0574-62535999
Free Call:10101010 to call China Plastics Exhibition
Linkman: Mr. Mao
「Raw Material」 「Mould」「Machine」

No. 2 Exhibition Hall

Now is inviting exhibitors...



Register and Disposal:1rd-5th November,2008

Exhibition Days :6th-9th November,2008

Closing Days:10th-11th,November,2008

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